How CDPAP Empowers Families to Take Control


The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is more than just a home care program; it’s an avenue for empowerment. It enables families to take control of their loved ones’ healthcare, offering a personalized approach that traditional home care often lacks.

What is CDPAP?

CDPAP is a Medicaid program allowing eligible individuals to hire, train, and manage their own caregivers. These caregivers can be friends, family members, or acquaintances, offering a more intimate and tailored care experience.

Empowering Families: The Key Benefits

Choice and Control

CDPAP puts the control in your hands, letting you select who will be providing care and what specific tasks they will perform.


From setting schedules to defining care roles, CDPAP is highly customizable. You can adapt the caregiving plan according to your family’s unique needs.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that a loved one is under the care of someone trustworthy alleviates stress and offers peace of mind.

The Family’s Role in CDPAP


The family can actively participate in choosing a caregiver, ensuring that the individual selected aligns with the family’s values and expectations.


Family members can also take part in training the caregiver, imparting specific instructions and preferences that a traditional home care agency might overlook.


Families oversee the day-to-day activities and tasks, giving them a direct role in ensuring the quality of care.

Transformative Stories

  • Case 1: A family was able to hire a close friend to care for their elderly mother, enhancing her emotional well-being along with her physical health.

  • Case 2: Parents of a child with special needs utilized CDPAP to bring in a specialized caregiver who was already familiar with their child’s specific condition.


CDPAP is a revolution in home care that hands the reins of control back to families. It provides not just care, but a personalized and empowering experience that elevates the standard of home care.

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